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A Parent's Story about Using Institutional Deeming

Health Information Specialist, Heather Dane, shares her story about utilizing Institutional Deeming for her daughter, Mikayla. Factual information about deeming courtesy of Beth DeHoff, NICU Nest Family Support Coordinator; and also a mom of a child with special health care needs. Read this article in Spanish>>>      When my daughter, Mikayla, was born at 32 weeks gestation the doctors told us to expect her to be in the NICU until close to her actual due date. That meant that she was going to be there for approximately eight weeks. They were pretty close with their approximation. She came home 49 days later.      This was not the first time I was faced with having a child with special health care needs. My son, Joseph, has special health care needs as well, so I was already familiar with most of the programs I needed to apply for.  I filled out the application for the DD and SS waivers. I made an appointment with the Social Security office to get benefits