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We Are Thankful for YOU

This Thanksgiving, Family Voices Indiana is thankful...      Thankful  for our board and director who volunteer their time to support our work…              Thankful  for our families and partner agencies who connect families who need our help…                       Thankful  for our family leaders who juggle the needs of their own children with special health care needs to support the needs of others… And we are thankful for our donors who give generously so that we can continue make a difference in the lives of families across Indiana.   As a not-for-profit organization,  we rely solely on grants and donations  to fund our work with families, caregivers, and professionals who support children with special healthcare needs. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to let us know you’re thankful, too? Tax-deductible  donations can be sent to:      Family Voices Indiana      Attn: Humphrey CPA Group      445 N Pennsylvania St Ste 941      Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

What Does Repeal of the Affordable Care Act Mean for Children and Families?

President-elect Donald Trump and Congressional leaders have been very clear that repealing the Affordable Care Act is a top priority as soon as Congress returns to town in January. While Republican leaders have long talked about “repeal and replace”, the replace part of the equation is a lot harder to figure out. As a result, it is possible that Congress will move quickly to repeal the ACA and leave us guessing as to what the “replace” would look like. So let’s tease out what the implications would be for children and families of a straight repeal of the ACA with just a promise of “something terrific” down the road. Most attention on the ACA is focused on the marketplace – other health policy experts have addressed the  serious disruption  that will occur in that world – though it is worth noting that approximately one million children are getting covered through the state and federal marketplaces. So I am going to focus on other aspects of the ACA that have received far less a