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Advocacy Tools to Respond to Trump Budget

From Coalition on Human Needs: CHN  has set up a  resources page for the 2019 budget  where you can find excellent analyses collected from across our member organizations and beyond about the President's budget proposal and how it will affect your communities.  We keep adding more, so check back periodically.  Some of what you'll find there is also listed below. CBPP  has put together  a blog  with a round-up of CBPP’s analysis and commentary on the budget. CAP's   Talk Poverty  project has excellent resources that you can explore and make use of. FRAC 's  legislative action center  will have their reaction to the budget along with an analysis of the impact on food programs that the President's budget is proposing. Fight back: Write to your Representative and Senators ,  using CHN's easy-to-use online tool, demanding that basic human needs programs are protected, fully funded, and not subject to cruel restrictions such as "work requirements.&q

Common ACA FAQ

Once you’re enrolled in a health plan and your coverage has started, you can use it to help cover medical costs for services like: Filling a prescription at the pharmacy Going to the doctor Getting emergency care If you haven’t had private health insurance before or if it’s been a while, you may want to learn about using your coverage and improving your health using our  Roadmap to Better Care and a Healthier You (PDF) . If your health insurance company doesn’t pay for a specific health care provider or service, you can  appeal an insurance company decision . Unsure about your coverage?  Learn what to do if you’re  not sure you’re enrolled, or haven’t received your insurance card. Learn more if your  new coverage is through your state’s Medicaid or CHIP program .

Learn More about Family to Family Health Information Centers

Family Voices Indiana is the Family to Family Health Information Center (F2FHIC) for Indiana. But, do you know what that means? Check out the national F2FHIC annual report to see how we support families every day. And, we're pretty excited that the first family featured in the main photo is our very own Aura Roberlo. She serves all families, including those who speak Spanish. New 2016-2017F2FDataReport 2.8.17 R Compressed by Family Voices Indiana on Scribd

From Coverage to Care: A roadmap for using your new coverage

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who recently obtained health coverage through the new Health Insurance Marketplace, Medicaid, or the Children’s Health Insurance (CHIP), From  Coverage to Care  materials can help answer questions you might have so you can make the most of your health coverage. Resources are available at . Some of the topics covered include: Understanding your health coverage:  Make sure you start by knowing how your health plan or coverage works. Become familiar with the services that are covered and how much you’ll have to pay. You can also learn what any new terms mean and how they apply to your coverage. Using prevention to stay healthy:  Your coverage is designed to serve you beyond just getting sick. At regular check-ups, you can ask questions on the steps you can take to become healthier. After all, prevention is a critical part to staying healthy – and under the Affordable Care Act, many preventive services are covered w

CHRIL Survey on Health Reform & Disability

Participants Needed:  National Survey on Health Reform & Disability The NIDILRR-funded Collaborative on Health Reform and Independent Living (CHRIL) is looking for adults with disabilities to complete an online survey about getting and using health insurance and health care services. Whether you have private insurance, insurance from an employer, Medicaid, Medicare or no insurance please complete the survey. We want to know how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) may be affecting your life. Adults ages 18 to 62 with any type of disability are encouraged to participate. The survey should take about 20 minutes to complete and your responses are anonymous. To go to the survey click here:   National Survey on Health Reform and Disability  (or copy & paste into your browser:   https://kusurvey.ca1. cRVi7OagAy883vn ) Whether or not you complete the survey, you can choose to enter a drawing to win one of five $100 gift cards. If you

This Valentine's Day, Give a Gift that Keep On Giving

Want to give a gift that keeps giving this Valentine's Day? Consider a donation to Family Voices Indiana. Did you know… ♥ 1 in 5 children are children with special health care needs? ♥ Family leaders at Family Voices are parents themselves? ♥ Family Voices provides free resources and support to families who need it? Your gift can help…… $10 ♥ giveaways at events $25 ♥ a one hour health care financing training for families $50 ♥ a two hour health care financing training for families $75 ♥ brochures for 350  families $100 ♥ an exhibit table at a disability fair for community outreach Please help make a difference and  DONATE  today!  We’re also grateful to accept donations of services, volunteer hours, or other support…….We even have a wish list at Amazon . Have a great Valentine's Day!