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FSSA announces HCBS payment rate methodology projects and related webinar

New federal guidance requires the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) to update many of the state's home and community-based services (HCBS) provider payment rate methodologies. Beginning this year, the FSSA will conduct HCBS rate methodology projects that are expected to culminate in the submission of Medicaid waiver amendments and possible Medicaid State Plan amendments to the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for approval. Each rate methodology project will involve the following phases: 1. Project and stakeholder engagement planning 2. Rate methodology development to achieve FSSA goals and objectives 3. Rate setting and calculations based on final selected rate methodologies 4. Waiver/State Plan amendments and CMS approval process Balanced input from the full range of stakeholders is critical to this process. On  Monday, March 18, at 2 p.m. Eastern Time , the FSSA will host a webinar to provide an overview of these upcom

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AUCD’s First Look at President's Budget

from AUCD: March 12, 2019 As the old Washington saying goes,  "The president proposes, Congress disposes."  – Much of this week’s proposed presidential budget is not likely to translate to reality for Fiscal Year 2020. The Constitution gives Congress the ultimate power of the purse. Instead, it is a starting place and a chance to share with your congressional delegation your needs and priorities. Monday’s 144-page document  is just top line; details are expected next week.  A few big picture points: Cuts spending by $2.7 trillion (the largest cut by any administration in American history). What is listed as a 5% cut in domestic spending is really an 8.5-9% cut to non-defense discretionary spending with cuts to emergency disaster relief and wildfire suppression efforts not “counting” under ceilings calculated under the Budget Control Act, which sets federal spending caps. Includes $22.1 billion in changes to welfare programs in fiscal 2020. This math doesn’t make

Webinar - The Trump Budget: What You Need to Know

Webinar - The Trump Budget: What You Need to Know Thursday, March 14th 2 P.M. EDT, 1 P.M. CDT, 12 P.M. MDT, 11 A.M. PDT Register Here Join the Coalition on Human Needs for a webinar that will tell you what you need to know about the Trump Budget and arm you for the important fights to come. The FY2020 Trump Budget came out yesterday, and and it would deny trillions of dollars in services to those who need them the most.  Just like last year, the Trump Budget proposes big cuts to programs like healthcare, housing and food assistance, education, and more, all as tax cuts for the rich stay protected. It’s a  bully’s budget  that targets people the Trump Administration thinks can’t fight back. Fortunately, that’s not true—we can fight back. Join CHN for a webinar that will tell you how, breaking down everything you need to know. You’ll also learn about positive opportunities to protect and expand the programs Trump wants to cut. Register here today. You’ll learn how to fi

Take Charge of Your Next Doctor Visit

from Nemours: The videos below are aimed at helping teens and young adults prepare for a doctor visit. We’ll be adding these to the curriculum section of our web pages soon. "Take Charge of Your Next Doctor Visit”, presented by CSL Behring: vita/2019/what-to-ask-the- doctor-video These 3 short videos from NIH are resources for helping patients learn to prepare for a health care visit. Part One: Preparing for Your Medical Appointment (4:37) Part Two: Talking Openly with Your Medical Provider (3:51) Part Three: Understanding Diagnosis and Treatment (3:57)