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Discover the ALL NEW!

From The Lutheran Foundation of Allen County DISCOVER            the new   The LookUp initiative is The Lutheran Foundation's voice for change, where we advocate for mental wellness that silences the stigma of mental illness.    We’re excited to announce the re-launch of our website ! We’ve re-designed the LookUp website with one goal in mind: to connect people to mental health help. It’s not meant to be a comprehensive warehouse of the latest information on the subject. We simply want it to be the first step toward someone realizing help is available and then reaching out for it.  The new does that in several ways:     GET HELP   Users can get IMMEDIATE help via text, live online chat, or a 24/7 crisis phone line. PLUS, by entering their ZIP Code in a search box, they can locate professional help that's nearby.   LEARN Users can find resources and information in four focused areas: Anxiety , De

Teaching children to wear a mask

From Child Neurology Foundation "As we enter a new normal with many parts of society re-opening, renewed attention is turning to the public use of masks.  A growing number of U.S. states have now mandated the use of masks and face coverings in some public settings and businesses. For some children, wearing a mask and being around others using face coverings can be a challenge. We brought together two experts from different vantage points to discuss some of the ways to teach a child to be comfortable with masks. Kristina Gerencser is the program manager of the Language and Learning Clinic with the Marcus Autism Center and Gabi Connecker is a parent and co-founder of Wishes for Elliott. Listen to some of their tips and advice in the video below or find the webinar, and other COVID-19 resources, on our website . “Learning how to wear a mask is going to be a critical component for everyone.”  —  Kristina Gerencser, with the Marcus Autism Center.  "

P-EBT Update

P-EBT UPDATE: No card or having trouble activating one? Please review the NEW linked information below to see if your question can be answered. If not, you'll also have the option at that link to send an e-mail with your case specific information for FSSA to review the case. Please remember that FSSA is using the best contact information available to them to send your card; if the school has another address on record (if you moved, etc.) that's where a card was likely sent. Pandemic EBT From Feeding Indiana's Hungry

College Education--and Disability Services--May Look Different After COVID

From Governor's Council for People with Disabilities COVID has revealed a number of things about higher education and remote learning, most notably that many of the things that students with disabilities have requested--from alternative formats for tests to increased flexibility with deadlines and assignments--were all possible. It's also laid bare a number of ways that accessibility and equitable education have been an afterthought, as a flurry of lawsuits have been filed against universities for inaccessible websites and materials. How will education--and employment, which has experienced a similar reckoning --change post-COVID? Read More

Waiver Renewals Announcement from DDRS

Waiver renewals announcement The Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services and Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services are pleased to share that both the Community Integration and Habilitation waiver and Family Supports waiver were recently approved for renewal by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Both renewed waivers will have the same effective date of July 16, 2020. These renewals include several changes to service definition descriptions, outcome measures, and additional allowable activities. The complete, approved waiver documents can be found by clicking here. Many of the changes and updates being implemented in July are the result of active stakeholder engagement and feedback the bureau has received from individuals, families, and our industry partners. Included in this announcement is a summary of some of the more notable changes. The bureau plans to release additional guidance related to the renewals in the coming weeks to more fully inform stake

Talking with young kids about racism, police brutality and protests

From Family Voices (National) Resource eBlast Talking with Young Kids about Racism, Police Brutality, and Protests Raising a brave generation of children requires open, honest, and age appropriate exploration of race, racism, justice, equality, and anti-racism. It is an emotional time right now, marked by challenge, pain, and grief. This eBlast shares some ideas, tools, and resources organized by types of action we can take along with our children: listening and empathizing; acknowledging and talking; and activism . Engaging in some of these actions may help towards turning pain and grief into hope! LISTEN and EMPATHIZE Podcast for kids and the whole family: Talking Race with Young Children, from NPR and Sesame Street TedX talk by Jeanette Betancourt , senior vice president for Social Impact at Sesame Workshop, entitled “Is my skin brown because I drank chocolate milk?” in which she e