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New Resources from BDDS

The Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services is committed to working collaboratively with case managers and providers during this extraordinary time. We appreciate the hands-on and coordinated efforts and responses our case managers and providers have demonstrated. As part of this commitment, BDDS has the following updates of interest: New resources for upcoming waiver renewals on the DDRS Announcements page: Every five years states are required to renew their waivers with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. This year the Family Supports and Community Integration and Habilitation waivers were due for renewal. Through the renewal process, BDDS had the opportunity to make some changes based upon feedback received from individuals and families over the past several years. The renewals were approved by CMS with an effective date of July 16, 2020. In anticipation of this date, BDDS is publishing a HCBS Waiver Renewal Fact Sheet for Case Managers and Providers , as well

Opportunity to provide input to improve support provided to families by Torchlight

Calling working parents & caregivers: $75 for barely an hour of your time Torchlight, a leading caregiving support platform, is launching a research project that will help it improve the support it provides to families. Torchlight is looking to connect with working parents and caregivers of all shapes and sizes across the U.S. -- sandwich generation, parents of kids with special needs, caregivers of a spouse or older loved ones, parents balancing home and work. If you are selected to participate in this round of interviews, the time commitment is less than an hour and includes: 10 minutes to complete a survey and  45 minutes for an interview with our researcher between July 7 and July 22.  Individuals who complete both parts of the research process will receive a $75 Amazon gift card and a free Torchlight account for one year . Additional opportunities to provide feedback occur in August and throughout 2020. Interested? Please message Carolyn Romano, Torchlight Vice President of P

Changes to the Newborn Screening Panel

From the Indiana State Department of Health: Starting July 1, Pompe disease, Krabbe disease and Hurler syndrome will be added to the Newborn Screening Panel. Read more ➡️ Family Faq by Family Voices Indiana on Scribd

Wondering how work affects your benefits? A Benefits Counselor can help!

Wondering how work affects your benefits? A Benefits Counselor can help! Work can be a big step for people who receive Social Security disability benefits (SSI/SSDI). If you’re thinking about work, you may have a lot of questions and concerns. For example: Will the amount of your monthly benefit change? Will your benefits immediately stop? Will you lose your Medicare or Medicaid? Good news! We have resources to help you decide if working is the right choice for you. And benefits counseling is a good place to start.   From SSA

Study for Caregivers of Children with a Serious Illness

Do You Care for a Child With a Serious Illness?   NAC Wants to Hear From You!   The National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC) would like to invite past and current caregivers of children with a serious illness to participate in a study entitled “Needs Assessment to Develop a Guidebook for Families and Caregivers of Children with Serious Illnesses” This study will be conducted by Mousumi Bose, PhD, Assistant Professor at Montclair State University, and will request your participation in one focus group discussion during July 2020 to share caregiving experiences faced during your journey that will inform the creation and development of this guidebook.   To be eligible to participate in this focus group, you must be a past or current caregiver of a child with any of the following: ·     a disorder that affects multiple organ systems ·     a neuromuscular disorder ·     a degenerative disorder ·     a disorder that results in b