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Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services online application for services

The Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services’ mission is “To connect people with disabilities and their families to resources and supports to live their best life.” One effort that is underway to improve the experience of individuals and families is the development of a new system, the BDDS Gateway. This new virtual option will provide an alternative to the current paper application process, allowing interested individuals/families to complete and submit their application for BDDS services entirely online. The BDDS Gateway development is underway and the system is currently on track to be available by the Spring of 2021. In addition, a thorough training plan and quality assurance measures have been established. The training will include tutorials, written instructions and examples to assist individuals and families in navigating the online application process. BDDS will utilize the quality measures to assess the efficiency and use of the BDDS Gateway by applicants and will utilize

Are you considering genetic testing?

  From Child Neurology Foundation Are you considering genetic testing? Do you have unanswered questions about how genetic testing may help you and your child find a diagnosis? As you may know, every year we focus on a specific topic that impacts the entire child neurology community. And 2020 is all about Shortening the Diagnostic Odyssey (read more about it  here ).  As part of this initiative, we're looking at  genetic testing  and the role it can play in shortening the diagnostic odyssey.  Check out our new infographic guide to genetic testing for some of the answers to your questions - scroll down to see the information sheet below or  download a printable PDF copy here. This information sheet will be shared during the upcoming, one-hour webinar about “The Role of Genetic Testing to Shorten the Diagnostic Odyssey” which provides more in-depth information about genetic testing and the role it can play in shortening the diagnostic odyssey.  The webinar is Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020

The November Issue of EP-Magazine is now available!

  Read the new issue here. EP’s Annual Financial Planning Issue offers valuable guidance from Certified Financial Planners, advice from disability advocates, and insightful personal histories to help families ensure a sound financial future for their loved ones with disabilities. GO TO THE ISSUE

HIP Health Plan Selection

  From Covering Kids & Families of Indiana HIP health plans are chosen for a calendar year. From November 1 st  through December 15 th , HIP members can switch to another health plan for the following year by calling 877-GET-HIP-9. Changes will be effective January 1st and stay in effect for the next calendar year. If a member does not wish to change health plans, they do not need to take any action and will automatically stay with their current health plan. Learn More