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New Bill: Work Without Worry Act

Adults with disabilities who qualify for Social Security disabled adult child or childhood disability (DAC) benefits want to explore their ability to work. However, under current law, some of these young adults fear that if they try to work they will lose future DAC benefits. This bill promotes financial security by ensuring that any past earnings from work – no matter how much – will not prevent an otherwise eligible individual from receiving a Social Security DAC benefit from their parent’s work history (if the individual’s medical impairment began before age 22). If an individual with a disability that began before age 22 works enough to become insured for Social Security based on their own earnings, they will receive the larger of the benefits from either their parent’s work history or the benefit from their own work history. This bill also treats all individuals with disabilities that began before age 22 the same – no matter when their parents claim Social Security benefits. Intro

Be Well Crisis Helpline

The Be Well support line is available through Indiana 211 and enables Indiana residents to speak with trained, compassionate counselors 24/7.  FSSA announced that federal funding will allow the agency to operate the Be Well Crisis Helpline through at least March 2023. Indiana residents can speak with a trained mental health counselor by dialing 2-1-1 or the toll-free number, 866-211-9966, entering their zip code and selecting the option for the Be Well Crisis Helpline.  In addition, Be Well Indiana's website contains supplemental resources including blog posts and videos offering tips for maintaining mental health as well as self-screening tools.  For more information, please visit

Primary Care Behavioral Health

  From Shalom Health Care Center As many as 70% of primary care visits are driven by patients' psychological problems, such as depression, anxiety, and stress.  To help meet this demand, Shalom is implementing a new model of Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) which involves visits with our Behavioral Health Clinicians (BHCs) that are typically brief (10-30 minutes), solution-focused, and provide patients with tangible behavioral health skills to improve their daily functioning.  Our BHCs will be tackling issues such as depression, anxiety, substance use, grief or relationship issues, sleep hygiene, smoking cessation, and other situational stressors that interferes with a patient's quality of life.   Not only will our BHCs be available for warm hand-offs from our Primary Care Providers to provide assistance at the point of need, but they will continue to follow patients for the course of a lifetime to offer different episodes of care depending on patients' needs.   In add

National Influenza Vaccination Week

National Influenza Vaccination Week is a call to all Americans 6 months and older to get their annual flu vaccine if they have not already. Flu remains a significant public health concern, and this week will serve to remind people that there is still time to get a flu vaccine—the only vaccine that protects against flu—to prevent flu illness and potentially  serious complications . CDC Flu Wave6Poster 8.5x11 by Family Voices Indiana on Scribd

Rare Genomes Project

If you or your family member has a rare and genetically undiagnosed condition, you may be eligible to join a patient-driven research study aimed at discovering the genes underlying your family’s rare disease. The Rare Genomes Project (RGP) at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard is a patient-driven research study led by genomics experts and clinicians who believe that the latest advances in genomic sequencing are changing medicine and should be accessible to families with rare and undiagnosed conditions.  Learn more here.

Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine and Mix/Match Booster Data Updates

Date:  January 11, 2021 Time:  3:00pm to 4:00pm EST -  Webinar Notes: This webinar  will discuss new information regarding the Janssen COVID-19 vaccine, booster vaccines, and research regarding interchangeability of boosters.   The webinar presenter is David Martin. David is a Senior Medical Science Liaison (MSL) with Janssen Vaccines. An Indiana native, he earned his Doctor of Pharmacy from Butler University and then completed post-graduate residency training in infectious diseases at John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County and the University of Chicago Medical Center. David then worked as an infectious diseases/antimicrobial stewardship clinical pharmacist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital for several years before becoming an MSL. As a vaccines MSL, David is responsible for bringing the latest scientific information to the healthcare community in the Midwest and serving as a resource for clinical questions related to the disease states and vaccines he supports. Registration: Jan

IU joins statewide initiative to improve health services access

Indiana University is partnering with the Indiana Department of Health, Purdue University, and others to ensure that Hoosiers have better access to the resources they need to improve their health. Learn how the I-HOPE initiative will address health needs across the state

A Family Affair: Including Siblings In The Conversation About A Rare Diagnosis - CNF O&A

Last week, siblings and parents shared their experience living with a rare diagnosis in the family and how to ensure all members of the family are involved. They shared strategies for having difficult family conversations, how having a sibling with a diagnosis shapes the rest of the family and resources that can help.