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OASIS forums

We hope that our membership will attend the upcoming OASIS forums, esp if they have, or are waiting for, the DD, Autism or Support Services waivers. We realize that when families are presented with a great deal of information, it is sometimes difficult to know what to ask when given the opportunity. To assist with this, we've worked with The Arc to generate questions of interest to families regarding OASIS. You are welcome to print them off and take them with you to the forums, and/or The Arc has posted a printable pdf file on their website at: This list is certainly not inclusive of all questions you might have, so feel free to add your own! We hope to post additional information once the forums conclude. It would also be helpful if you could send the answers you receive to us so we can clarify any inconsistencies with the state. You can email those to or

OASIS talking points for forums

Funding System for DD, Autism, and Support Services Medicaid Waiver Services Will Change July,2008 Plan to Attend Public Informational Forums - March 20-April 11 The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) is making a major change,beginning July 1, 2008 , in how Medicaid waiver services are funded and offered to consumers. The change applies to the Developmental Disabilities, Autism, and Support Services waivers. The change does not apply to the Aged and Disabled or Traumatic Brain Injury waivers. The change in how Medicaid wavier services are funded is called, "OASIS," and stands for Objective Assessment System for Individual Supports. Under OASIS,funding will be based on an individual assessment of each Medicaid waiver consumer called the Individual Client and Agency Planning (ICAP). This assessment and other factors will be used to determine the budget that will fund services to Medicaid waiver consumers. Beginning July 1, FSSA will begin phasing in