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ICAP Question/Answer related to OASIS

The FAQ for the latest OASIS forums should be posted soon on the OASIS website . In an effort to help parents understand the complexities of OASIS, Family Voices will be sharing various resources with its members. In that spirit, we are posting the Question and Answers from the 2007 OASIS presentations since ICAP (the assessment tool) was addressed in more depth and answered by Arbitre Consulting, the firm handling ICAP. Some answers may have changed in the interim, as they continue to develop OASIS. If you have questions you would like clarification on, you can email Andrew Ranck at or call (317) 234-5222 or 1-888-527-0008 . Arbitre Consulting: ICAP Questions 1. The ICAP tool does not have many questions related to medical issues. How are we bringing these medical needs into the way rates are to be calculated? Ø The ICAP will only be used as a "point in time" functional assessment to assist in determining funding needs. ICAP