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Famlies Talking to Congress

Members of FV Indiana recently had the opportunity to visit our congressional delegation in Washington. We would like to share how important your input is to each of them. While families are welcomed to schedule visits if they are in Washington, there are also ways for you to connect with them while they are home in Indiana. All representatives regularly attend events within their districts and are happy to hear from you when they are home. You can connect with their home offices to find out when they will be available to meet you in Indiana. Email is another great way to connect. It is quick and easy to send an email, introducing yourself, sharing your story and putting a critical face to the federal legislation and funding that touches your child. An easy way to identify and connect with your Senators and Representative it through the Congressional directory . How can your story make a difference? It can help others understand what life is like for families who face special challe

Families Impacting Budget Cuts

FV Indiana is hearing the concerns of our members about potential cuts and changes to the programs that are critical to Indiana families. We recognize that the news of cuts at the state and federal level can feel overwhelming; we want to support you as you seek to understand proposals and share your perspective. In the next two weeks your input is urgently needed. At the state level please consider contacting your state Representative and Senator to share your perspective on: Medicaid Waivers School Funding (including special education) First Steps To learn more about proposals at the state level, we encourage you to refer to the FV Indiana guide , the Arc of Indiana , and 5th Freedom . At the National Level cuts have been proposed for almost every program that touches Hoosier children and families. Please contact Senator Lugar, Senator Coats and your Representative (to find your senators' and representatives' phone numbers, use this searchable online congressional direc