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Opportunities to share your voice!

FV Indiana relies on its members for the content we share. Here are two opportunities to share your voice! First Anniversary Affordable Care Act, March 23rd To mark the anniversary of this historic health care reform law, we invite our members to share how this law is important to their family. Many families have found the law’s provisions requiring insurance plans to accept children with pre-existing conditions, to eliminate annual maximums and lifetime caps, to accept young adults under the age of 26 on their parents’ health plans, and to provide free preventive services to all enrollees are already making a significant difference. We will post your input on March 23rd , the first anniversary of this law. Please consider sharing a few sentences about the difference the ACA makes or will make for your family. TAX Day April 15th Building on the voice of a member last year who wrote about how Hoosiers’ tax dollars benefit her family, we invite families to share how various tax-suppo

Indiana Family & Social Services Administration To Offer Online Questionnaire In Preparation For Potential State-Based Health Insurance Exchange

FV Indiana encourages our members to share your input on this important issue: The following background comes from the FSSA press release: INDIANAPOLIS (March 9, 2011) - In accordance with Governor Daniels' Executive Order issued Jan. 14, 2011, which calls for the conditional establishment of a healthcare Exchange as a not-for-profit entity, the State will seek stakeholder input through an online questionnaire in regard to the design of the Indiana Insurance Market, Inc. Indiana received a $1 million planning grant from the federal agency Health and Human Services in October of 2010, which has funded the development and administration of the questionnaire. The questionnaire was created based on potential design options that States can consider. Participants can respond for three weeks, beginning March 9 and ending March 30, and the questionnaire can be found online at For the ease of respondents, th

2011 Federal Poverty Level

FV recognizes that many of our members are connected to programs and services for which the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) are a part of determining eligibility. The guidelines for 2011 were published on January 11, 2011. We share them above for your reference. Please note that individual programs will have different adoption dates for these guidelines. Please connect with each program to determine when they will be adopted.

Webinar Series on Accessibility

FV Indiana shares the following free training opportunity for our members: Have you experienced an inaccessible entrance, parking or other barriers? If you want to learn more about what “accessible” means and related laws, guidelines and standards, register for a webinar sponsored by the ADA National Network and the U.S. Access Board. This online training provides information about accessibility not just of physical environments like fitness centers, post offices or hospitals, but also transportation and information technology. For more information visit this link: