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Medicaid MOE bill moving this week

FV Indiana shared the following action alert about Medicaid. As you know Medicaid is a Federal and State program and changes at the Federal level impact families here in Indiana please read the following as provided by Family Voices National: The House Energy and Commerce Committee is about to take up (“mark up”) a bill that would repeal the so-called “Maintenance of Effort” (MOE) provision of the Affordable Care Act. The MOE provision prohibits states from changing their Medicaid and CHIP eligibility standards or procedures for children until 2019. In other words, it keeps states from dropping kids from the Medicaid or CHIP rolls or making it harder for them to enroll or re-enroll. We encourage you to contact your Representative in the House )-- to tell him/her NOT to repeal the MOE provision (i.e., to oppose the “State Flexibility Act”). You can find out who your Representative is by going to Through that site you can get to your Representative’s website to email hi