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Seeking Family Leaders to serve as Family Health Information Specialists

INDIANA Indiana’s Family to Family Health Information Center Seeking Family Leaders to serve as Family Health Information Specialists If you are a parent of a child with a disability, with knowledge of health care financing and services and systems in Indiana, Family Voices of Indiana wants and needs YOU! The Indiana’s Family to Family Health Information Center Project will: Address the health care financing information needs of Indiana’s families raising children with special health care needs and disabilities Connect families to existing resources, direct support and advocacy Support and expand the Family Leadership Network statewide Now accepting applications from Family Leaders to support this project as contractors working up to 40 hours a month from your community. Responsibilities: Provide information, assistance and support regarding healthcare financing and resources to families raising CYSHCN Contribute to the FV Indiana electronic information network to

Changes to therapy services under Indiana Health Coverage Programs

Family Voices shares the following information with its members so they can be better informed about changes to Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP). The following bulletin was posted today: Removal of physical, speech, and occupational therapy services limitations As previously published in Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) provider bulletin BT201058, dated December 7, 2010, the IHCP announced a service limit to physical, speech, and occupational therapy to 25 visits for each type of therapy, per rolling 12-month period, for members age 21 or older, for dates of service on or after January 1, 2011. These service limitations that were previously announced will be eliminated effective June 30, 2011, but will be applied to any claims submitted with dates of service for January 1, 2011, through June 29, 2011. In addition, prior authorization will be required for all members age 21 or older for physical, speech, and occupational therapy, effective for dates of service on or afte

Family Voices Indiana's Newest Project

FV Indiana is excited to have been awarded the Family to Family Health Information Center federal grant of $95,700 per year to serve Hoosier families for a two year period starting on June 1, 2011. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius annouced on May 17th the grants to support the Family-to-Family Health Information Centers, primarily non-profit organizations run by and for families with children with special health care needs. Funding for the centers was extended through 2012 by the Affordable Care Act. Created in 2005, the centers are state-wide, family-led organizations that provide information, education, training, outreach, and peer support to families of children and youth with special health care needs and the professionals who serve them. “In the last year, the work of these Family to Family Health Information Centers has had a real impact on the families, and community and state systems that serve them,” said Secretary Sebelius. “After working with these Centers, more than 90 pe

Share Your Experience

FV Indiana often hears from families about the process of getting a diagnose for their child. We encourage you to take a few moments and complete the following survey. Your input can make a difference for other families. The Riley Child Development Center has partnered with The Hamilton County Autism Support Group to survey parent’s impressions of the diagnostic process for their child. The goal of this research survey is to improve the diagnostic process for families who are already dealing with a lot of concerns, confusion, stress, and uncertainty. Would you please take the following survey and help us make a difference? See the attached flyer for more information. Thank you for your help and support with this effort to better serve the special needs families of Indiana.