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Clarification on waiver application process and case management services

Family Voices Indiana has been asked a lot of questions by families who are getting conflicting information from different sources. We are committed to ensuring that families get accurate information. To that end, we contacted DDRS for clarification. We received the following clarification from  Matt Rodway,  Director of Client Services at BDDS: Q: Do families still need to contact BDDS when their child turns age 6 and request that eligibility be determined? A: There is not a new policy and when someone turns 6 they do need to contact the local office so that they can complete eligibility and Level of Care. Q: Is there a new application form for applying for the Family Support Waiver? A: We did update our application for services in an attempt to make the application more simple and clear to individuals and families. The Application For Developmental Disability Services can be located on the web at 3349.htm .     Currently we are still ac

Public forum about DD waiver system changes 10/9

A member of Family Voices Indiana attended the DD Commission meeting today and took the following notes. Official minutes from the meeting will be posted on the  legislative site  in the future. The official notes have been posted (9/28): Legislators are hearing from constituents about changes to the DD waiver system, so they have decided to open the next DD commission meeting to the public as a forum to hear from families and individuals about the changes to the waiver system. If families would like to attend, they are welcome to apply for the Family Voices Indiana family leadership fund to access a stipend to offset parking, childcare, transportation, etc. You are also welcome to contact us for tips regarding sharing your story in the most effective way. 317 944 8982 You can also contact your legislator directly. You can find that information  here . Members of the DD commission ar

Share your story about Specialty Tier Medications

Family Voices Indiana shares the following opportunity for you to share your voice…… In recent years, health care insurers have developed Specialty Tiers, otherwise known as Tier IV, V, and VI, a new classification of specialty drugs that requires health insurance beneficiaries to pay 20 - 35% of the cost of the drug. This approach is markedly different from traditional drug tiers with transparent and fixed co-payments, ranging from a Tier I generic at $10, to a Tier II preferred brand at $30, and a Tier III brand name drug at $50.   Most commonly health insurance companies use this new classification for infused or injected drugs prescribed and administered to patients with acute and chronic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis (MS), AIDS/HIV, psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, immune disorders, hepatitis, anemia, and certain types of cancer.   The Health Finance Committee will be looking at this issue   next week. We have been asked to gather family stori

Please support Family Voices Indiana

Many parents-to-be read  What to Expect when You’re Expecting  in the months leading up to their baby’s birth. But for some, they receive the unexpected. Their baby is born months too early, or with a cleft palate, or with cerebral palsy. These parents  aren’t sure how they are going to pay the mounting bills; they aren't sure where to turn for help; they feel all alone, like no one understands…. That’s when Family Voices Indiana can help. The family to family health information center is staffed with families who have walked this path; families who have children with similar needs; families who are trained to help other families who need resources and support. Your tax-deductible donation to Family Voices Indiana can help us reach the approximately 300,000 children with special health care needs in our state. You can make a difference in the life of a family who is embracing the unexpected and is creating the best possible life for their child. You can learn more ab