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DDRS Quarterly Report

Family Voices Indiana shares the embedded DDRS quarterly report with its members. Items of interest include: DDRS Initiatives A DDRS Initiatives section has been added to the DDRS website, which includes informational webpages for Supervised Group Living Conversions, Health Homes and the Balancing Incentive Program. All three pages will be updated with information for providers, consumers and families as each initiative progresses. Employment Services and Innovation (ESI) In July 2012, the Employment Services and Innovation Program launched the Indiana Training and Employment Results Network (INTERN). INTERN is an internship to employment program that provides employment opportunities to people with disabilities within state government and with employers who are located at the Government Center (i.e., Pitney Bowes). Candidates are referred to the INTERN program by either a state Vocational Rehabilitation counselor or by a Community Rehabilitation Provider. Once accepted into the