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FSSA proposes Behavioral and Primary Healthcare Coordination program

Family Voices Indiana shares the following bulletin from  Indiana Health Coverage Programs : The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA), through its Division of Mental Health and Addiction  (DMHA) and Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning (OMPP), is proposing an amendment to the Indiana Medicaid State Plan to implement a new 1915(i) Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) program.  The program, Behavioral and Primary Healthcare Coordination (BPHC), will be used to coordinate healthcare services for individuals with mental illness and has a proposed effective date of June 1, 2014, pending federal approval.  BPHC is designed to assist individuals with serious mental illnesses who do not otherwise qualify for Medicaid and do not have other third-party insurance coverage for the level of services they need to function safely in the community.  The BPHC program will provide supportive and intensive community-based services to individuals who demonstrat

ACA Update: Closing Time

By Emily McKinley, Health Information Specialist The gates are closed and the sprint is over. March 31 marked the last day of open enrollment on the ACA Marketplace for 2014. So, what’s next? Moving forward, there will be annual open enrollment periods for those wishing to enroll in or switch to a new insurance policy. Open enrollment for 2015 is scheduled to begin November 15, 2014 and close on February 15, 2015. This will be the key time to purchase, upgrade, or change insurance policies. In the meantime, what are the options? Access state- and federally-funded programs. Indiana offers both Hoosier Healthwise (Medicaid) and the Healthy Indiana Plan as health coverage options for individuals who have low incomes. Coverage eligibility is determined by family income, applicant age (there are different programs for children and adults), and certain health conditions. For more information about the Medicaid programs offered in Indiana, please review our fact sheet:  http:

Resources for You

Each month, Family Voices Indiana provides the families we serve with a summary of the month’s hottest items. If you missed us on Facebook in March, here is the latest! Awareness: Brain Injury Awareness Month Disability Awareness Month Hemophilia Awareness Month Trisomy Awareness Month March 5: Spread the Word to End the Word Day March 16-22: Indiana Severe Weather Preparedness Week March 21: World Down Syndrome Day March 25: Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day March 26: Purple Day for Epilepsy Family Voices: Check out our Family Voices Staff Spotlights! This month’s page featured specialist Ofelia Jimenez’s daughter, Nataly Garcia, and specialist Cyndi Johnson’s daughter, Rebecca. Facebook fans liked our many inspirational quotes. Be sure to check out our page for a pick-me-up. Also, we encourage you to share our page with friends using the share or invite features! "It's hardest when your child is very young and you're still struggling to acc