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Opportunity for Public Comment on CIH Waiver Renewal

Family Voices Indiana shares the following announcement from DDRS:   FSSA’s Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services (DDRS) and the Office of Medicaid Policy  and Planning are drafting the renewal application for the Community Integration & Habilitation  (CIH) Waiver and are requesting public input, comments and suggestions in preparation of the  renewal.    The renewal application must be submitted to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services  (CMS) no later than June 30, 2014. DDRS has re-posted the entire CMS-approved fifth  amendment of the CIH Waiver, IN.0378.R02.05, for review and comment, on the  Draft Polices  for Public Comment webpage .    Comments and suggestions will be received for a period of 30 days, ending on May 25, 2014,  and may be emailed to or submitted in writing to:    DDRS Policies – MS 18  PO Box 7083  Indianapolis, IN 46207-7083 

Special Enrollment Period for Individuals Losing Coverage through the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Program (PCIP) on April 30, 2014

Family Voices Indiana shares the following announcement from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services: Date: April 24, 2014    Subject: Special Enrollment Period for Individuals Losing Coverage through the Pre-Existing  Condition Insurance Program (PCIP) on April 30, 2014      Section 1101 of the Affordable Care Act establishes a “temporary high risk health insurance pool  program” to provide health coverage to eligible uninsured individuals with pre-existing  conditions. The program, carried out by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)  directly in some states and through contracts in other states and known as the Pre-Existing  Condition Insurance Program (PCIP), has provided coverage to these eligible individuals since  2010. Section 1101(g)(3)(B) authorizes the Secretary of HHS to develop procedures to provide  for the transition of PCIP enrollees into qualified health plans offered through an Exchange (also  called Health Insura

Coordinated Care for Indiana’s Medicaid Disabled Population

Family Voices Indiana attended the Aged, Blind, Disabled Task Force meeting this morning regarding managed care for this population. House Enrolled Act 1328, passed in 2013, tasked FSSA  to report on managing Indiana Medicaid aged, blind and disabled enrollees • This process laid the foundation for FSSA’s recommendation to proceed with a new disabled  coordinated care program These are the slides and information from FSSA Here is a link to the slides that Indiana Medicaid Director Joe Moser presented at today’s meeting on our plan for Coordinated Care for Indiana’s Medicaid Disabled Population. IN_ABD_4-23_Mtg_Presentation_ Final.pdf Please email us here ( ) with any questions. Also – please note our  Name the Program   Contest  – referenced on Slide #39! There will be a prize for a winning name! Get your entries to us by June 1 st ! Feel free to contact us as well if you have any questions:  317 94

Information about Freedom of Choice under 1634 Medicaid transition

Family Voices Indiana has been receiving calls from families who are being switched from Hoosier Healthwise to Medicaid Disability, outside of the waiver targeting process. We sought clarification from FSSA regarding this change and whether families had the right to stay on Hoosier Healthwise if they are still eligible for that category. This is their response: Due to the 1634 Disability transition, individuals, including children,  who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) automatically become entitled to Medicaid based on the receipt of SSI.  For such individuals, the only requirement is receive SSI and individuals would not be required to be redetermined for eligibility every 12 months nor report changes as long as they receive SSI.  The new SSI-related Medicaid category is fee for service, traditional Medicaid,  to mirror the coverage that is provided under the Aged, Blind, and Disabled categories for which most of these individuals would have previously qualified for.