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Special Enrollment Period for those with #COBRA

Family Voices Indiana shares the following information from In the Loop: Today, HHS announced a new special enrollment period (SEP) for individuals who are  currently  receiving COBRA coverage. Until  July 1 , these consumers can terminate COBRA and receive an SEP to enroll in FFM coverage. As we saw in  this post  on  In the   Loop , consumers could save hundreds of dollars per month with this SEP.                                  So what’s new with this guidance? Normally, a consumer has three options regarding COBRA coverage: decline an initial offer of COBRA coverage, get an SEP, and enroll in marketplace coverage; switch from COBRA coverage to marketplace coverage during open enrollment; or wait until the exhaustion of COBRA coverage to get an SEP. So if an individual started receiving COBRA, dropping it prior to its expiration previously would not have been considered a loss of minimum essential coverage (MEC) and trigger an SEP.   Today, HHS recognized that many consu

Health and Wellness Survey

Family Voices Indiana shares the following survey from the National Family Voices's IMPACT initiative. The survey will be open for two weeks: We’ve been listening to families in focus groups about health and wellness over the last three years. We’ve learned a lot about the ways families live healthy lives. We’ve also heard about what makes it hard for families to address the difficulties they face. We’ve also heard about the creative ways families overcome these problems. Through this survey, we hope to learn even more from a larger group of families, including yours. You may have a child (or children) with special health care needs or disabilities. You may have typically developing children. You may have a teenager. We want to hear your experiences with all your children, regardless of abilities. Some questions will say whether they apply only to children with special health care needs. There are no right or wrong answers to any of these questions. We want to hear your vie