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Eligibility for First Steps

Developmental Delay means a delay in one or more of the following areas of childhood development as measured by appropriate diagnostic instruments and standard procedures. Areas of assessment include: Cognitive development Physical development, including vision and hearing Communication development Social and/or emotional development Adaptive development, including eating skills, dressing and toileting skills and other areas of personal responsibility A diagnosed physical or mental condition that has a high probability of resulting in a developmental delay: Chromosomal abnormalities or genetic disorder Neurological disorder Congenital disorder Sensory Impairment, including vision and hearing Severe toxic exposure, including prenatal exposure Neurological abnormality in the newborn period Low birth weight of less than or equal to one thousand five hundred (1500) grams First Steps Eligibility Criteria: Families who are eligible to participate in the Indiana First St

Therapy Services by Michelle Green

As I reflect on my history with therapy services, I realize that I am a seasoned veteran of approximately 9 years.  It seems like yesterday when I first realized that my middle daughter’s speech and language development was not appropriate for her age.  I remember the frantic call I made to her pediatrician to schedule an appointment to discuss this issue.  When she informed me that she suspected her problem was due to recurring ear infections, I felt that I had skipped a chapter in the book about raising babies.  I had no idea that the frequent infections could have potentially caused hearing loss.  Her referral to an ear, nose and throat doctor (ENT) and First Steps helped me resolve the problem.  She received ear tubes, and I made a call to have her evaluated. While she was receiving speech and developmental therapy, I had my youngest daughter 4 months prematurely.  In the NICU, she received an evaluation from First Steps.  During her first three years, she received

Understanding First Steps

Mission To assure that all Indiana families with infants and toddlers experiencing developmental delays or disabilities have access to early intervention services close to home when they need them. This is accomplished through the implementation of a comprehensive, coordinated statewide system of System Points of Entry (SPOE) and Local Planning and Coordinating Councils (LPCC) providing early intervention services called First Steps. Additional Information Indiana's First Steps system is a family-centered, locally-based, coordinated system that provides early intervention services to infants and young children with disabilities or who are developmentally vulnerable. First Steps brings together families and professionals from education, health and social service agencies. By coordinating locally available services, First Steps is working to give Indiana's children and their families the widest possible array of early intervention resources. Families who are eligible to