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First Steps Transitional Policies Update -- 12-30-10

FV Indiana has received the following from several providers, we have not been able to find this information posted by the state. We are sharing it as we hope it provided enough information for affected families to ask questions and seek clarification if needed. We encourage our members to contact their First Step SPOE or the State administrators , for clarification as needed. To lessen the impact of the transition on families the following applies: Effective January 1, 2011: *Children born on or before July 1, 2008 may continue with their current service providers, if the team agrees that the services are necessary and appropriate. Providers do not have to be with the same agency. *As IFSPs are reviewed and change pages completed, service coordinators may write plans that continue with the same service providers, even if the providers are with different agencies when it is determined by the team that the services are necessary and appropriate, the providers are available, and the prov

Reminder of changes to CSHCS

Family Voices shares this reminder from the State Dept of Health regarding changes to the Children's Special Health Care Services program: Memo~ As this year closes and a new one begins, I want to remind everyone of some important changes that were put in place during 2010. 1. CSHCS counts all income and that includes SSI. 2. All families must apply for Hoosier Healthwise and must complete the process. This can be done at the same time the CSHCS application is being processed. The family does not have to wait for a decision. The denial or acceptance letter should be forwarded to CSHCS. 3. If there is a religious exemption preventing them from applying for Hoosier Healthwise, the verification (a copy of Form 4029) must be submitted with the CSHCS application. A copy of their Federal Tax Form 1040 (front & back) will also suffice. If you have any questions, please as always, contact me for clarification. Judi Johnson, Training Coordinator Children's Special