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Learn More about the options for Health Care

Many families have shared that they find website, , to be an easy to use resource. We encourage you to try it out and share it with other families: A sister site in Spanish is also available:


FV Indiana is very concerned about the extensive damage that may be done to the Medicaid program as part of the efforts to reduce federal deficit spending. Congress, the administration, and the media need our help to better understand what crucial supports and services the program provides families of children with special health care needs. Your story about how Medicaid Matters to your family can paint a vivid picture for our elected officials and others in the community. Family Voices is launching a Medicaid Matters campaign to share real stories with: members of Congress; the Administration; media outlets; the Family Voices website; Facebook; Twitter; and, where applicable, YouTube. This is YOUR chance to put families in a positive and human light in order to demonstrate the value of Medicaid programs. Please consider making a short video of a family scene (for example, video of children playing, in school, and/or receiving therapy), while describing the benefits of Medicaid on

Indiana stops free vaccines for those with medical insurance

Family Voices shares the following information from WTHR regarding health department vaccination policies. There is a list of county health department numbers at the end of the note: INDIANAPOLIS - Starting next month, the state will no longer provide free vaccines for children who have medical insurance. It's a move to save the state some money, but passing along the cost is creating a hardship for some Indiana families. Pediatricians are expecting some tough conversations with parents starting July 1st. "The immunizations have to be done in order to get into school and the state won't pay for them," said Dr. Jerrold Smith, Community Pediatrics. That's when the state's policy goes into effect barring county health departments from giving low-cost shots to children already covered by health insurance. "They're asking us not to send them there because they're running out of money," said Dr. Smith. Before school started last year, Marion Count