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Share the family voice regarding proposed changes to Medicaid waivers

Family Voices Indiana hopes that its members will take advantage of opportunities to share the family voice in regards to policies that affect those with special health care needs and/or disabilities. The DD commission and Select Joint Commission on Medicaid Oversight are charged with studying the proposed changes to the Medicaid waiver program originally included in HEA 1001 (the budget bill language) : Sec. 4. (a) Before July 1, 2012, the division shall report orally and in writing to the commission for review of a plan to reduce the aggregate and per capita cost of the waiver by implementing changes to the waiver that may include the following: (1) Calculating budget neutrality on an individual rather than an aggregate basis (2) Instituting a family care program to provide recipients with another option for receiving services (3) Evaluating the current system to determine whether a group home or a waiver home is the most appropriate use of resources for placement of the

Home health services policy under review

Family Voices has heard from some of its members that they have had discussions with the schools regarding children who are receiving home health nursing via Medicaid while at school. Family Voices has sought clarification of the issue and was awaiting an official announcement before disseminating information to ensure it was accurate. Below is info released by IHCP (Indiana Health Coverage Programs) today regarding the original article and a notice that the policy in under review. If families need assistance with special education services, we encourage them to seek assistance from our state parent training and information center, IN*SOURCE at 800 332 4433 If families need help developing an IHP, individual health plan, Family Voices can provide that information. Contact us at or 317 944 8982 IHCP Bulletin 8/31/11 : Home health services policy under review An article appearing in BR201124, published June 14, 2011, attempted to clarify certain requireme