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ACA Update: Moving Forward with the Affordable Care Act

By Emily McKinley, Health Information Specialist Shortly after the election, President Obama and his administration showed the nation that health care remained a priority by issuing three proposed rules, which regulate the implementation of health care reform. Those rules included guidelines prohibiting discrimination against individuals with chronic diseases and pre-existing conditions; parameters outlining the standards of coverage in regards to essential health benefits; and measures to encourage expansion of employee wellness programs. The first rule, prohibiting insurance market discrimination on the basis of pre-existing conditions and chronic illnesses has been a long anticipated provision of the ACA. This rule will be fully implemented in 2014. It outlines that Americans will be guaranteed insurance coverage regardless of previous or current health, treatments, or other factors, and further guarantees that individuals will be able to maintain their coverage even in

Public comment period for CIH waiver amendment

Family Voices urges you to share your voice when given the opportunity to comment on public policy. DDRS has posted notification that they are currently accepting comments on the CIH waiver amendment. We believe this might have been posted November 15, but we were not notified via any sort of correspondence from DDRS. If it was indeed posted that day, there is only a 30 day comment period. So, we suggest sending any comments you might have to DDRS prior to December 15. The Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services (DDRS) has made a commitment to transparency and public input in the policy development process. As a result, all new policies and policy updates will be posted on this page for public review and comment. The public comment period will last 30 business days from the date of posting, after which all policies will be removed from the page, reviewed based on the public input, finalized and posted onto the  DDRS policy page . Please send all comments to  DDRSpolic

Travel Guide for Families with children with special health care needs

Family Voices Indiana knows that many families will be travelling this holiday season, so our health information specialist, Cyndi Johnson, prepared this guide to travelling with a child with special health care needs. We hope you find it helpful. Travel Guide for Families with CYSHCN AIR TRAVEL ·          Click below for information on Accessibility at the Indianapolis Airport: ·          Some airports offer a “trial run” prior to the date of the travel in which families who have a loved one with a disability can practice entering the airport, getting boarding passes, going through security and boarding a plane.  Contact your local airport to see if they offer this type of service. ·          Transportation Security Administration (TSA) offers “TSA Cares,” a toll-free helpline designed to provide information about security procedures for travelers with disabilities.  It is recommended that

Resources for You

Each month, Family Voices Indiana provides the families we serve with a summary of the month’s hottest items. If you missed us on Facebook , here is the latest! Awareness: November 1 celebrated T1Day (Type 1 Diabetes) and kicked off National Diabetes Awareness Month. Learn more here . Veteran’s Day, November 11. Many military and veteran families struggle to support children with special needs and/or are trying to overcome service-related injuries and trauma. Call us for more resources. November 17 marked World Prematurity Day. Learn more about preterm birth here . Get Smart About Antibiotics Week, November 11-17. Learn how to use antibiotics in the most effective way. November was National Epilepsy Awareness Month. To learn more about epilepsy, which affects more than 2 million people in the United States, please visit the Epilepsy Foundation’s website . National Adoption Month was also celebrated. Remember, there are many children with special health care nee