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Important Information: Children Under Age 6 Waiting for Family Supports Waiver

Families have been told in the past that a child under 6 can apply for the Family Supports Waiver, but would only be given provisional eligibility until age 6 when an assessment could be done. At that time, the original application date was to be honored for the waiting list. However, with the shorter wait times for the waiver, children under 6 are potentially being "targeted" for services now.  Families are encouraged to contact BDDS and ensure their child is on the waiting list for the Family Supports Waiver if they applied prior to age 6. You can find a list of BDDS offices here: Feel free to contact us is you need more information or would like to apply for a waiver:  317 944 8982 From The Arc of Indiana: The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration has removed a barrier for families of young children applying for the Family Supports Waiver.  Children under the age of 6 can now apply f

#Transition: Planning for #Employment

As part of the IEP, the team should be considering what life after high school might look like for your child. One of those considerations, if appropriate, should be employment. As the case conference committee identifies specific employment related transition goals, it is important to consider some of the following: helping the student learn about and explore career options; discussing the wishes of the student and family regarding the type of employment that may be desired at the conclusion of formal education; including a variety of work-related experiences such as community job training as part of the transition IEP; discussing the supports that may be needed to work in the type of jobs in which the student may be interested; and exploring school experiences and activities that might assist the student in acquiring desired skills. As with many things, the earlier you start this planning, the easier it will probably be. A good starting point is to build on your child’s