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First Steps Changes

FV Indiana shares the following update from The Division of Disability and Rehabilitative: The Bureau of Child Development Services (BCDS) supports an early intervention program for children with developmental disabilities from birth to three years old, through the First Steps program. As BCDS continues to look at effective ways to secure a sustainable future for the First Steps program, adjustments are being implemented in order to continue to provide vital services to the children and families we serve. Changes to the program are aimed at increasing accountability, and improving communication among providers and families, while maintaining a system of quality services. On October 1, 2010, the first roll-out of modifications began; click here for a complete listing. After careful consideration and review of provider, parent and stakeholder feedback, we will be moving forward with the proposal requiring providers to be associated with a multidisciplinary agency. Below are provider requ

Further explanation of upcoming changes to the DD/Autism waiver budgets

DDRS recently released a bulletin outlining changes to the DD/Autism waiver budgets. If you have questions or concerns, you should contact DDRS at or speak with your IPMG case manager. However, in an attempt to assist families in better understanding this change, Family Voices has created a more user friendly version of the announcement: In the past, individuals receiving the DD or Autism waivers would meet yearly to determine an individual’s budget for the next year. The team would develop a weekly schedule and what services would be needed to support the individual. The budget would then be submitted by the IPMG case manager to the waiver unit for approval. If it was approved, the individual would receive the chosen services and amounts. If it was denied, the team would need to adjust the services and amounts and resubmit it until it was approved. The state believes this is a subjective system that creates varied budgets for individuals with similar needs. So,

Family Involvement Fund

Because of budget deficits, the Family Involvement Fund will no longer be able to support families to attend trainings, conferences, or to purchase materials. Funding will continue to be available for parents who are asked to participate officially as members on the LPCC-Local Planning and Coordinating Council, its committees, and sponsored activities. If you have questions, please contact Cathy Beard at 1-800-825-4733 or