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DDRS policy statement: eligibility/level of care for DD waiver system

Family Voices shares the following information with its members: in the CMS proposal to change the Support Services waiver to Family Support waiver, there was reference to eligibility and/or level of care for the DD/Autism and Support Services/Family Support Waiver. The embedded policy statement defines eligibility for the waivers. The policy will go into effect on May 27, 2012 Eligibility and ICF ID DD LOC Determination

Proposed changes to the DD waiver system.....more info

Family Voices Indiana encourages its members to learn more about proposed changes to the Support Services waiver to create the new Family Support Waiver. The  proposal to CMS  to make the changes was submitted on April 18, 2012.  According to DDRS, this is one way they hope to address the waiting list for the DD/Autism and Support Services waiver. Please note that we have also provided information about how you can share your voice by providing input to DDRS during their comment period, and input to CMS as they consider the proposal.  We recommend that you read the proposal in its entirety, but since that document is over 240 pages, we have created a document to help you understand highlights of the report. Most of the information was taken directly from the proposal. That document is embedded below. CMS Proposal Highlights